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title. Caelum

date. 2020

city. Amsterdam

product. Concept male beauty brand

client. Amfi project

Together with my partner Vanessa Esmaeili, I created the concept for Caelum. A new male beauty brand providing ritual, rhythm and astrological timing.

taregt group .png

After doing extensive research into the creative male target group, we concluded that creative people work better when they are living a healthy lifestyle, Caelum is here to help them achieve this. 

Key insight:

"Men are missing a male beauty brand that satisfies their needs"

Key message:

"A healthy men is in balance with his mental, emotional, and physical self"

Positioning statement:

"For the Rock-Star Creatives, Caelum offers the only holistic ritual among male beauty brands, by creating a personalised self-care kit centred around planetary cycles"

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